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Roommates: The Movie

Okay so not really. I just wanted a cool title for this post. One of the many things about college is having to sahre a room with a total stranger. In my case, it’s at least a little bigger than one little bedroom, but I must share it with two other people. Bittersweet.

I also have vvery different feelings about the two of them after living together a week. I will explain both of them and my likes/dislikes, and hopefully a solution to my issues.

Roommate Numero Uno

This is the roommate I actually share a bedroom with. She moved in a week ago (on time) and we hit it off pretty much from the start. Which is odd, because from my initial Facebook judgement I pegged her as the one I wouldn’t really get along with and Roommate #2 as the one I’d like. Well, I was wrong (more elaboration later). We are both kind of odd. It’s really quite amazing. Just today, we were both in aw of the iPhone text bubble whale. We share a love of Disney movies and classic rock. It’s crazy how alike we are! I love it and I think we’ll be good friends (:

Ok, so now onto…

Roommate Numero Dos

This is the roommate I thought would be more like me. Turns out, she’s soooo not. The first 3 days she was here she just walked around in a sports bra and shorts, the same sports bra and shorts. Like I get that it was hot, but come on, personal hygiene! She’s a total slob too. I mean, I thought I was gonna be bad about being neat, but so far I’ve kept it relatively tidy. She leaves dishes all over, her room is a disaster (she doesnt even have sheets on her bed), and York peppermint patty wrappers keep finding their way to our floor. And it keeps getting better. None of her classes start before noon, so she thinks she can stay up until 3 am, meanwhile I have 8:30 math classes. Not cool. And she wastes electricity. BAD. For some reason she leaves the bathroom light on at night, which is both eco-unfriendly and obnoxious. She never turns the TV off. And the kicker, I’m pretty sure she left our fuckin’ door UNLOCKED today. UBER not cool. Me and Roommate #1 have the same feelings about her and she’s kinda getting on our nerves.

Something must be done about her, but I think I’ll make that another post…

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